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Double-sided rewards with coupons
Double-sided rewards with coupons

Incentivize potential referrals with coupon codes.

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Give your affiliates a promo/coupon code that they can share with their potential referrals and offer them a discount on your software.

Tolt offers 2 levels of coupon codes. A program coupon code, for all affiliates within that program, and a unique coupon code for each affiliate.

The program coupon code, cannot be used for tracking, meaning affiliates will need to share their links as well, while the personal code can be used by affiliates for tracking purposes, without sharing a link.

Coupons need to be created on Stripe/Paddle and then added to Tolt.

After you add your coupons, they'll be shown inside the affiliate's portal.

Program Coupon Code

Affiliate Personal Coupon Code

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