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How to signup a referral
How to signup a referral
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Referrals can have 5 statuses which are:

  • Click (when the referral opens the webpage with a valid URL param)

  • Lead (when the referral signs up to your business)

  • Active (when the referral starts a subscription)

  • Canceled (when you cancel the referral)

  • Refunded (when you refund the referral)

The script doesn't handle signups by itself. You will need to call a Tolt signup function that exists on Tolt's script, that you have previously integrated into your landing page and frontend.
window.tolt.signup() takes only one parameter which is the referrals email address.

Before calling this function you should check if window.tolt_referral exists and if it's not null.

if (window.tolt_referral) {
window.tolt.signup("[email protected]")

The signup function will update the referral from click to lead and add the email address.

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