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How to set up Paddle Billing with Tolt
How to set up Paddle Billing with Tolt
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There are a few steps that you have to do to set up your SaaS and Paddle Billing with Tolt. You can find the integration set up in your Tolt dashboard within Account Settings.

First, you'll need to add our tracking script:

<script async src="" data-tolt="YOUR-ID"></script>

The script needs to be added on your landing page, or even better, on every page, so we never miss a referral. This script will add a global variable called "tolt" to your window object. The size of the script is around 4KB.

Send Referral ID to Paddle:

You'll need to send a Tolt-generated unique ID to Paddle via customData.

Referrals Tolt ID can be received from the script that was added in the previous step. To access the unique ID use window.tolt_referral

You'll need to send the Tolt-generated ID to the Checkout when opening.

items: [{
priceId: "pri_01hac79sfx1vn50r342majkg43"
email: "[email protected]",
customData: { tolt_referral: window.tolt_referral, },

* The example above is using Paddle.js but the process if the same without it. You will need to send the referral ID that is generated by Tolt's script to the checkout via customData. The referral ID can be accessed by using window.tolt_referral on the client side.

Webhooks Setup:

You'll need to add a new endpoint for Paddle to send webhooks to. This can be done by navigating to "Developer Tools" then "Notifications" and click on "Add New Endpoint".

Webhook Endpoint:

Make sure the following webhooks events are selected:

  • subscription.created

  • subscription.canceled

  • transaction.completed

  • adjustment.updated

Add your Paddle API Key & Webhook Secret:

Your Paddle API key and Webhook secret are needed for Tolt to be able to correctly track referred users.

The Paddle API key can be found or generated in Developer Tools -> Authentication in Paddle, there you will have 2 options to generate a new key or reveal an auth token for the existing key. Copy the API key and paste it into Tolt.

Afterward, you will need to go back to Developer Tools -> Notifications and on your newly created endpoint click on Edit there you will have the option to copy the Webhook secret, and paste that secret into Tolt.

API Key:

Webhook Secret:

You can always contact us via live chat and we can set up Paddle together!

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