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Types of referral statuses
Types of referral statuses

Lead, Paid, Trial, Canceled and Refunded.

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All referrals come with either a Paid, Trial, Canceled, or Refunded status.


The status Lead means that the referral/user has signed up with your software, but still has not made a purchase, or started a trial, or a subscription.


When a referral has the Paid status, it means that they made a purchase through Stripe/Paddle and their subscription has started.


The referral has gone through a Stripe or Paddle subscription process and started their trial.

After the trial, the referral will be converted to Paid.


Canceled means that the referral canceled their Stripe/Paddle subscription, so Tolt will now stop tracking this referral.

You as an admin for the program can also cancel referrals if you believe the referral is fraudulent.


You have refunded this referral from your Stripe/Paddle dashboard, and Tolt will now stop tracking this referral.

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