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How to send emails from your own domain
How to send emails from your own domain

Fully white-label your program, by sending notifications emails from your own domain.

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Other than having a custom domain for your portal, Tolt also allows you to send our notification emails from your own domain. I.e. [email protected]

We send notification emails to affiliates when they get a new referral, payout, login code, and more.

To add and verify your domain, go to Emails, and on the right side add your domain:

Afterward, you need to verify your domain, by adding a few DNS records inside your domain register or DNS provider. To get your records, click VERIFY.

There are 2 DNS records you need to create. A TXT and CNAME record.

Here's an example of how you can create records in Cloudflare:



After a few hours, your domain will be verified and emails will start using the that domain!

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